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Jeanette and Tony

Information was thorough and informative - she made the process easy.

Mary S

I thought I would not be able to get insurance, but you found a solid plan for me, even after I had been turned down by another company.


Belen was extremely helpful to sort out everything and help us find the right insurance, even with my husband's pre-existing condition. We ended up going with 2 different insurance companies for both us, but feel relieved that we have the insurance.

Carey and Janice

Belen was very helpful and very knowledgeable about the policies she recommends. She helped us to understand what at first was very confusing.


Thanks - we are very pleased with our plan and feel "richer" - our assets are protected!

Cathy & Bill

great job and what a relief not to have to worry about what will happen when we need care - we have just put a good plan in place that will grow over time and give us the options we want. Your help was invaluable.

shelly anderson

Belen provided excellent service and information. I felt very comfortable every step of the way that she was giving me the most reliable information and presenting me with the best options available. She showed me different plans and let me make the decision I was most comfortable with. It was all so confusing at first, but she made it make sense.


presentation was thorough and well done - we look forward to getting our policy approved


I have all the confidence in the world that Belen is the best resource for long term care information. She was very knowledgeable, presented the information, made her recommendations, and ultimately let us make the best decision. I highly recommend her!

S & J S

After going through the nightmare of my mother's care needs, we are so glad to have long term care insurance in place so our children will not have to go through what we had to deal with. Belen did a great job finding a good plan we are comfortable with.


It was clear to me from our first meeting that if I decided to get long-term health insurance it would be through Belen. She is knowledgeable, helpful and (forget low pressure) NO pressure in her approach. I would highly recommend her.

Judy K

Belen, you did a wonderful job educating me. I thought I could do this on my own, and almost bought a policy from an agent online who sent me a bunch of qoutes and recommended the lowest one. I am glad I caught you in time. You showed me that not all quates are equal. You gave me a plan that was comfortably affordable and will be worth so much more when I will need it. I almost made a huge mistake!


very informative - a big help. I appreciate your professional, "no pressure" approach


great presentation, great job finding the best plan

Ann & Bo S

Great information - thanks!

Gale & Mike S

We are so delighted to have talked with you and really understand now why planning for long term care is so important. Without a plan, our children would have been exposed to risk to worry (and pay) for our care. We are putting the policy acceptance in the mail today.


Thank you for going through all the information at a pace we could understand. We know we repeated a lot of the same questions, but you were so patient and willing to make sure we really got it. We are comfortable going forward with our policies, and will be having a meeting with our children to discuss our plans, as you suggested.


am so glad you explained everything so well and showed why this is so important. 2 days after we got the policy my husband had a stroke. we are not sure how well he will recover yet, but we are so relieved we got the policy when we did. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Thanks for the great information

kelly s

I am putting the policy and check in the mail today. Thank you for walking me through each step and keeing me informed. I'll give your information to friends who are also intertested in long term care.


we are so relieved to have a policy in force to save our children from having to go though what we did with my parents. They thank you too.


thanks for being there when we needed you


appreciate the information and professionalism

Hal & Missy

Belen, thank you for the policy review on our 10-year old policies. Your candid description of what we have was very beneficial. It reinforced that we did the right thing - and so glad we did it when we did. Your explanation that what we have is a good plan and is keeping up with the rising cost of care comforted us. The fact that you did not try to sell us anything more is a tribute to your honesty and integrity. Thanks again.

Mary S.

Belen - I wanted to let you know that I received the policy and sent off the acknowledgment. Thank you for looking it over and for all your help and advice throughout the process! It was a pleasure having you as a guide.

Retha G

Belen walked me through every step and "held my hand". I really appreciate the her professionalism and honesty. she did not sugsar coat anything - just presented the information and let me make the right decision. Thanks for an exceptional job well done

Mike and Susie

We are very impressed with the thoroughness of your education; trying to research long term care on our own became mind-boggling. thanks for all your help.


Good job


Thanks for taking the time to explain everything.


Belen was very professional and provided a great education. She was patient with my questions and ultimetly we decided on what I believe to be the best plan I can afford.

Beth & Ralph

We were so confused trying to figure out what we needed ourselves, but now it all makes sense. It's a big financial bite to take, but it will be well worth it when we need it.


What a relief to have a solid plan in place. I sleep better knowing this has been takern care of. I really appreciate your wwork in finding the right plan considering some of the challenges I presented. You were very patient and explained everything so I really understood it.


great help - you made it easy to understand


great education! We will be referring our friends.


Your education was very thorough. The coaching you gave me throughout the process made me very comfortable. I'm sure I've got a good plan.

Mike and Susan

Terrific service; you went the extra mile to find the right product at a good price! Thanks!
Information was thorough and informative - she made the process easy. Read More

Jeanette and Tony

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